Trained Sports Set of 24 Soccer Cones, 2 Inch, Free Shoulder Carry Strap and Free Agility Drills eBook (Yellow)

  • Highly Visible Bright Yellow Color
  • Great for Field Coordination Exercises, Marking Training Courses or Establishing Boundaries
  • Made of soft plastic (LDPE – Low Density Poly Ethylene) – If you step on them they will not break and they will retain their shape
  • Free Heavy Duty Shoulder Carry Strap and Free Agility Drills Ebook – Strap can carry 150 Cones
  • Set of 24 Training cones, Fitness Training Equipment, Speed Training Equipment

Sports Marker Cones for all Fitness Enthusiasts and Sports Teams

Are you trying to get fit but finding it difficult? Are you a personal trainer, or do you coach your children’s baseball, soccer, football, hockey or other sports team? Then you’ll want to read more about our plastic marker cones.

Made from soft plastic low-density polyethylene, our sports marker cones are lightweight and will retain their shape perfectly even if stepped on. With a hole in the center of each cone, they can be taken anywhere with the aid of the included shoulder strap (you can also easily add more cones to the same strap) and come in a variety of bright colors.

A must have for all coaches, teams and individual use, these cones help fitness enthusiasts, athletes and children develop speed, agility, and body control. Recommended for all user fitness levels and ages, you can build your lower body strength and ability to change direction quickly by performing zigzag runs and forward and backward sprints. The cones are also ideal for field marking and creating goals for soccer or hockey teams. Their flat design enables them to be used for a wider variety of purposes than traditional “traffic-style” cones and makes them more stable on the field.

With the included Agility Drills eBook, you’ll be improving your cardio and explosiveness in no time.

And when you’re done, just carry them home with you with the included shoulder strap.

No More Clumsy Attempts To Carry Your Gear To Your Car!

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