Manchester United Football Special Edition FIFA Specified Official Match ball Soccer Ball Size 5,4,3 – Spedster

  • It is Spedster OFFICIAL MATCH BALL.
  • Spedster Ball is designed to meet the demands of Professional players.
  • Spedster offers a great design together with the highest quality materials.
  • The Ball provides players with a brilliant combination of great speed and control.
  • This Spedster Ace Glider I Football is built to fly with precision right off the foot.

The best ball for you to improve your football skills. Spedster Ace Glider I Football. Made with a machine-stitched body, it features a PU construction for accurate touches and a durable butyl bladder. Machine-stitched. Cardley Japanese PU Material for soft touch and high durability. Butyl bladder for best air retention.

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